"The good life is a process not a destination"

Carl Rogers

What to Expect

Once you have looked through this site and decided that you/your child would like to try therapy, contact me to arrange an initial hour long session. This is an opportunity for you/your child to see if we are a good fit and you're comfortable with me.

For younger clients whose parents are arranging therapy this initial session will be open to both parent(s)/ carers and adolescent for the first half hour and then with the child/adolescent alone for the remaining half hour. This allows for parents/carers to assess me and make sure that they feel comfortable. I then provide half an hour of one to one time with the young person to get a feel of what our future sessions might be like.

Therapy is a very personal process and it is important that parents feel their child is in safe hands and that the young person also feels safe and at ease with me.

Further sessions will be with the young person alone.


All sessions are confidential. After the initial half hour all session content remains confidential - between the young person and me. This means that unless the young person asks me to share something with their parents I will not discuss the sessions with parents/carers.

In adherence with safeguarding procedures the only times I will break confidentiality are when the young person is at risk or is putting another person at risk. This will be clearly discussed in the our first consultation session.